The clean solution

Washing bottles in the M-iClean U undercounter dishwashing machine.

A further contribution to establishing sustainable systems for reusable tableware in the industry – made by MEIKO.

As a trend, sustainability is causing us to move away from disposable products and towards more reusable solutions in almost every industry. This also applies to bottles. Filling glass bottles and carafes with tap water or other drinks onsite is becoming much more popular. And these have to be washed, too!

This is no problem with our new bottle rack system for the M-iClean U undercounter dishwashing machine. 16 glass bottles in any standard size or shape, along with carafes can be cleaned in a jiffy – even bottles all the way up to an internal diameter of 114 mm and lab bottles are no problem.

Reusable solution

Just a few movements can turn your glass and dishwasher into a machine specially designed for cleaning reusable bottles: simply replace the bottom wash arm with the adapter included – that's it! This clever system uses separated, sealed channels to send first wash water and then final rinse solution to specially designed nozzles which spray the solutions directly into the bottle interior. The result: no wash water residues and totally hygienically clean bottles, even if the type of washware varies on the fly.

The best part is that the bottle rack system fits any M-iClean UM or UM+ undercounter dishwashing machine (models from 2013 onwards) and is child's play to switch in and out. That means you can be flexible when the make up of your washware changes suddenly. The benefits are obvious: this tested process is resource efficient, reduces payroll costs, saves time, is hygienic and, of course, complies with DIN regulations (SPEC 10534).