The clean solution


    Always on the safe side

    Water wave

    This blend of powerful active agents provides reliable hygiene and is still environmentally friendly and safe to use with a range of materials. The biggest benefit is that the technology and the chemicals are always tailored to one another. This prevents a build-up of limescale on the steam generator, thus saving on lifecycle costs.


    Suction lance system

    The suction lance coding system developed by MEIKO ensures that detergent and rinse aid are always used in the right place at the right time. Because nobody wants to run the risk of mix-ups!

    The innovative MEIKO suction lance system eliminates the risk of unsuitable products being used in cleaning and disinfection appliances. The special coding system prevents the rinse aid and detergent from getting mixed up. This innovative solution from MEIKO guarantees absolute safety for users and ensures that the detergent and rinse aid are incorporated into the programme run at exactly the right time. The suction lance coding system only works with Doyen products by etol. To be effective, use with the newly developed canister design for Doyen products.