The clean solution

MEIKO TopLine washer-disinfectors

The washer-disinfector with an assistant system

It facilitates work, takes strain off staff, prevents operator error and makes the cleaning process safer.
Wave water
blue operating concept - M-iClean
Innovative dishwashing operating concept

M-iClean – Blue efficiency with intuitive operating concept

Available in several versions

– Floor-standing unit for quick installation
– Individual appliance for wall mounting to make it easy to clean the floor
– Cabinet model to boost work surface space
– Integrated version for ensuite bathrooms to shorten journeys with care utensils

There is something for every situation – including yours.

Product lines and versions may vary from one country to the next due to statutory requirements or other reasons. Please ask your local contract partner. He/she will be glad to help you find a model suited to your needs. Version:

05/2021. We reserve the right to make changes as part of product improvements.

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