The clean solution

UPster H – industrial dishwasher

Makes washing a downright delight

Power and convenience under the hood

The automatic start-up on our industrial dishwasher UPster® H means it cleans with full convenience as well as full power. Wave goodbye to clouds of steam and poor air quality in the scullery with the power package. Instead, make space for serving dishes, large plates and trays in the dishwasher with a passing height of 440 mm. What more could you want?

The optional AirBox AktivAir won't let the steam escape!

  • Centralised vapour management
  • Keeps steam away from machine operators
  • Built-in condensate drain
  • Steam extraction initiated by dishwashing programme
  • Continues running for specified time after programme finishes
  • No filter technology = maintenance free

Ergonomics and performance

Superior warewashing convenience in no time at all: the UPster ® H 500 offers the best in power and convenience – especially when things get hectic in the wash-up area. Even large or tall washware fits easily and conveniently in the UPster ® H 500. Just press down the hood handle and presto – the automatic start-up starts the wash cycle. An added bonus – when the hood is lifted steam vents to the rear, not into the face of the operator. This level of convenience almost makes work a pleasure.

Options that add convenience:

  • better air quality with the MEIKO AirConcept
  • spotless sheen with MEIKO GiO-MODUL
  • water change program so you can wash with fresh water immediately

Let's get going!

Operating the machine is easy with the wraparound handle – press once more to start the programme.

What's on the inside is what counts

Uncluttered wash-up area

Functional designed and easy-to-remove tank screens cover the wash tank below. NEW! Now with the blue operating concept.

wash arm
Safety first

Only robust technology and the best materials ensure pristine cleaning quality. We decided the stainless steel wash and rinse arms weren't quite good enough. So we made them better.

Clean: the AktivPlus fine filtration system

Combined with tank screens, wash water is multi-filtered resulting in optimal filtration. Tank water stays cleaner for longer and maintains the highest level of hygiene.

safe glass washing process
The perfect glass washing machine - M-iClean U

"But I just want to wash up" - is what someone with less experience of glass management in the hotel and catering business might think. What they also want to do, or rather must do: take drinking glasses into consideration as part of the value chain.