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    Single-chamber trolley washer for inflight catering companies

    What size of company?
    It doesn't matter!

    The MEIKO TF-L (front door) and TP-L (pass-through) single-chamber trolley washers are efficient cleaning solutions for inflight catering companies, offering the capacity to clean up to two
    trolleys at a time – an ideal system for any size of business, whether you deliver 5,000 or 10,000 meals per day. Invest in cleanliness and efficiency for smooth flight operations.

    • Excellent hygienic cleaning results
    • Great drying results
    • Constant temperatures even at high throughput: up to 40 trolleys/h including drying
    • Improved efficiency with reduced resource consumption*
    • High quality means a long machine life

    *just 5 l water per trolley

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    Your challenge – our solution.

    • Less than 4 m² in size
    • Flexible – available as a front loader or through loader, installed in a pit or with
    • ramps
    • For full-size, half-size, light or standard trolleys
    • The best possible value for money 
    • Easy, ergonomic operation

    While passengers sit back and relax on their flight and enjoy delicious food, on the ground it's all hustle and bustle. For every meal enjoyed, there is washing up to be done.
    Trolleys loaded with a range of washware have to be prepared for reuse quickly. That is where MEIKO comes in:

    Dishes, cutlery, and glasses get a hygienic wash in our M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine. And the trolley itself also needs a thorough clean, removing all food and drink residues, as well as germs.

    MEIKO TF-L / TP-L features

    Blue operating concept
    Easy-to-follow colour coding shows the user which parts of the machine can be operated, touched, cleaned or removed, i.e. everything marked in blue. This system is easy to use and not language dependent.

    Built-in heat recovery system
    Heat recovery comes after the final rinse has ended. The heat recovery system includes a self-cleaning feature and feeds energy back into the washing process. This significantly reduces energy consumption and improves the indoor climate.

    Punkt2 AirConcept M-iQ
    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

    Self-explanatory operator guidance on the generous 7-inch, colour touchscreen 
    The standard MEIKO on-screen operator guidance is easy to follow and understand.

    What goes on inside a trolley washer

    Hygienic cleaning
    We deliver maximum hygiene. This is down to four powerful wash systems and the high final rinse temperature of 81 °C at the end of cleaning. Plus, you can select a Thermolabel programme in addition for the
    safety of your passengers and employees.

    Robust, high quality
    We believe in using stainless steel in our trolley washers. The wash system nozzles, heat exchanger, and even the pump have sturdy stainless steel casing with an impeller. This reduces downtime and service call-outs.
    The double-walled design – which extends to the doors – is a further mark of quality.
    The doors are also sealed all the way around, making them heat insulating and waterproof. The push-to-open function makes them pleasant to open and close.

    Interior lighting and emergency unlocking
    The interior lighting improves workplace atmosphere and occupational safety during cleaning, servicing, and maintenance.
    Safety is even further improved with the emergency unlock feature inside the machine.


    The commercial dishwasher has been tested on the thermal label test aligned at 71° C / 159,8 F. MEIKO: on the safe side with thermolabel. Hygienically clean.

    This single-chamber trolley washer can clean up to 2 trolleys per wash cycle, adding up to 40 trolleys/h, 
    including drying. With that, the next flight can depart quickly!

    Resource efficient
    Water is valuable. Thanks to this clever wash system, we only need 5 l water per trolley.

    Integrated 360° drying
    The trolleys are dried inside and out using airflow drying. In other words, a cooling fan blows air onto the trolley through several channels.

    What goes on inside a trolley washer

    More features for more cleaning power:

    • The tank is fully covered to prevent dirt ingress.
    • Specialist straining and filter technology actively removes dirt. To support this process, an innovative new drain pump with large openings has been integrated.
    • All-round cleaning of the interior and exterior surfaces using the rotary plate

    Set-up for efficient servicing
    The installation cabinet is easy for service technicians to access externally. An interface is available for chemical products.

    Well connected
    The daily protocol is controlled from the touchscreen display. It is also connected to the MEIKO Connect app. This means that you can use the app to view, call up and document hygiene and service-relevant data. It is also easy to add manual entries to the protocol (e.g. detergent changed, service carried out).

    Die neue App von MEIKO
    App MEIKO Connect

    New app for commercial dishwashers. For more transparency in your commercial kitchen. All relevant information now on your smartphone – simple and convenient.


    Tailored to your business

    Whatever the situation on the ground in your company, we will realise the best possible solution for you. That is why we offer our single-chamber trolley washer in two versions:

    • MEIKO TF-L (front door model)
    • MEIKO TP-L (pass-through model)

    The compact dimensions of under 4 m² are ideal for small spaces. Both models are suitable for installation in a pit or using ramps.

    Several choices for installation

    • TF-L – installation with 1x ramp
    • TP-L – installation with 2x ramp, with indicator light on the output end
    • TF-L and TP-L for installation in a pit

    Safety for staff and trolleys

    The trolleys are secured in a tilted position using a recess on the rotary plate.

    MEIKO TF-L (front door, pit installation)
    MEIKO TF-L (front door, pit installation)
    MEIKO TF-L (front door, installed with ramp)
    MEIKO TF-L (front door, installed with ramp)
    MEIKO TP-L (pass-through, pit installation)
    MEIKO TP-L (pass-through, pit installation)
    MEIKO TP-L (pass-through, installed with two ramps)
    MEIKO TP-L (pass-through, installed with two ramps)

    Your benefits

    • Specially designed for inflight caterers providing 5,000–10,000 meals/day
    • Cleans two trolleys at the same time
    • Trolleys quickly ready for reuse thanks to incredible drying results
    • Hygienic washing with a footprint of just 1.64 x 2.19 m
    • Complies with Thermolabel requirements
    • Great value for money – Easy to use thanks to the blue
       operating concept

    The commercial dishwasher has been tested on the thermal label test aligned at 71° C / 159,8 F. MEIKO: on the safe side with thermolabel. Hygienically clean.