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CC-Touch: For intuitive operation

Intuitive prompts for reliable operation of a dishwasher

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CC-Touch is an intuitive wash control system featuring a high-quality and extremely robust glass display. Its smooth, easy-clean surface maximises hygiene, and its user-friendly GUI ensures 100% reliable operation – especially as it only displays the controls that you can actually use in each situation. CC-Touch enables different user groups – such as kitchen management, the dishwashing team, and service technicians – to save information to memory and retrieve large quantities of data. It takes just a few seconds to fully update the operating logs required by hygiene regulations such as DIN 10510.

CC-Touch also makes it easy for authorised personnel to intervene in the control process to carry out systematic process optimisation. And the high resolution of the generously proportioned TFT colour display means that supporting documents such as operating instructions, spare parts lists and contact data can be visualised right there on the CC-Touch screen.

CC Touch - control system
CC Touch - Intuitive prompts for reliable operation

Self-explanatory prompts for reliable operation