The clean solution

The MEIKO Marine Planning Concept

Set a course for efficient cleanliness

Planning Concept Marine

With their longstanding experience in the marine industry, the engineers at MEIKO have what it takes to find the answer to your particular requirements. Our planning teams are happy to assist you with tailor-made solutions for warewashing projects of any scope or scale. We are fully prepared to plan and manufacture dishwashing solutions according to your individual specifications to achieve the ideal integration of our technology into your vessel and to design the workflow your crew requires.

At MEIKO we specialize in intelligent, turnkey solutions. For example, one of the best ways of saving valuable space on the upper decks is by moving scullery areas to the lower decks. Taking into account the conditions onboard, we can build and deliver a wide range of warewashing and other systems designed to ensure the most efficient management of your kitchen and catering facilities. We also offer a wide range of accessories to add the finishing touches.

Whatever you’re looking for, we promise that we won’t be satisfied until we’ve found the most efficient and hygienic way to address your needs. That’s what we call the ‘MEIKO clean solution’.

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