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KLM Inflight Catering feels confident with MEIKO Service

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‘MEIKO’s engineers used the minimum space within the dishwashing area so we could continue to work normally’

‘We currently have a mix of manufacturers’ equipment on site and the MEIKO system was already four years over its projected working life. It continued to wash well and we had noted especially that the service and maintenance support from MEIKO had always been quick and efficient compared to the competitors’, says Hans van der Salm, KLM Catering Services Unit Manager, Europa Flow.

‘Bear in mind, we still needed to deliver a full service to our customers while the new system was installed, including the usual demands for washing. MEIKO’s engineers used the minimum space within the dishwashing area so we could continue to work normally. They also worked at nights to get the job done. Not every supplier would do that!

MEIKO also made ergonomic improvements to the dishwashing area, including re-engineering the conveyors and tabling to make them easier for staff to use. We are very conscious that the work here is heavy and continuous.

The old system meant that a worker had to stretch almost 90cm sometimes, bending both the arms and the back. The average age of the staff is 47. We will still be using this new system in 10 years’ time, but then the staff will be 57 on average. I had to introduce new developments to make the workload lighter and more manageable, reducing stretching and bending.’

Designed by KLM Catering Services working with MEIKO, the chemical dosing system monitors the condition of the wash and rinse waters and delivers the most precise dosing of chemicals to ensure both a perfect wash and the minimum use of resources.

Located on the airport ‘ramp’ within a few metres of the planes at Schiphol, KLM is the largest inflight caterer in the Netherlands, with 85 high loader trucks servicing 50 intercontinental and 280 European flights every day.