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Gate Gourmet Catering

Gate Gourmet relies on MEIKO warewashing technology

Gate Gourmet Catering Chile

Gate Gourmet is the world’s largest independent provider of catering and provisioning services for airlines and railroads. The company supplies food and drink for more than 3 million airline flights a year worldwide. It operates over five continents, servicing customers including British Airways with more than 250 million meals per year from 122 flight kitchens.

Gate Gourmet generates some 80 per cent of the revenue and is the core business behind Gategroup, whose ten associated companies offer a comprehensive scope of products and services for virtually any on-board need - from menu design to packaging to supply chain solutions.

Key to the financial control of this complex business is what Gate Gourmet Director of Program Management, Michel Brelaz, calls ‘Total cost partnership‘(TCP).

There are 26 sectors inside Gate Gourmet, each managing a key part of the business, such as food production, new equipment, delivery trucks and equipment maintenance and repair.

Within the new equipment sector Brelaz explains that TCP: “Goes away from the usual business relationship; it is about building a long term partnership – it is not just to seal the deal for tomorrow but about creating value for both sides over the long term.” One example of the ‘partnership’ is that Meiko and Gate Gourmet have concluded a ‘Global Supply Contract for Dishwashing and Warewashing’, bringing benefits for both parties. The advantages for Gate Gourmet include fixed prices for the term of the contract, easier and quicker dealings with contact partners, a central point of contact and the saving of time. ‘Partnership’ has taken the business relationship to a higher level and a key example of the extra value generated is how the partners achieved greater economy by focusing precisely on the type of warewashing required.