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Save space and costs with the new M-iClean U undercounter dishwashing machine

golf course at manor Hühnerhof

What came first – the chicken or the egg? The answer to this question is quickly found at the Gut Hühnerhof resort situated in the Rhine-Main region: the egg. However, there is a long story behind this, and it must also be noted that the name "Hühnerhof" literally translates as "chicken yard". Once upon a time, at the time of the Brothers Grimm, there was an empire that possessed a multitude of currencies. "But the egg had the same high market value everywhere." explains Myriam Hecker. In order to upgrade the status of his property, the manor owner decided to name it chicken yard.

"In 1980 my parents-in-law discovered the farm in a newspaper advertisement and drove here for a visit from Bavaria," says Myriam Hecker. What did they find? A forgotten piece of land, buried under the rubble of several decades. What about today? The name has remained. And also some sandstone walls, entwined with wild vines. Lovingly restored installing modern elements of glass and oak, the whole area shines in new splendour. As though freshly hatched from an egg! In addition to the half-timbered house, it now also includes a tavern, a restaurant, a 27-hole golf course and a hotel with a cafe.

Myriam Hecker came to the Hühnerhof in 1999, started working in the newly opened hotel in 2004 and took over the management in 2006. "During the week we are purely a business and conference hotel, at the weekends we are very busy with weddings and family celebrations," explains the qualified hotel manager. Today, the hotel is not only known and loved throughout Germany, it has also won awards – even though it remains a family hotel. That is no coincidence. "We are still a family business. Each member has their own area in which they can fully realize their potential."

And this family has been added to again – with the new generation of M-iClean U dishwashing machines from MEIKO. Its home is the cafe which opened in 2018 and, as the only dishwasher in the hotel area, it has a great deal to do: on average, 80 to 120 guests have breakfast here over the weekends. There are also regular cafe visitors and conference guests throughout the week.

"We particularly appreciate the osmosis system. Thanks to this, the difference in washing results is clear to see." A further argument: exactly this system, the GiO MODULE, is fully integrated into the dishwashing machine of the new M-iClean U! This saves space, time and installation costs. "Since the kitchen planning had already been completed, we needed a particularly space-saving model." Thanks to MEIKO, they found it. The blue operating concept was also a decisive factor. 

"We attach great importance to quality. This starts with the furniture, almost all of them are made in our joinery. We place also an emphasis on quality of the dishwashing machine. That is the reason why we chose MEIKO." Quality, family spirit, heart and soul – an inspiring mix. Not just the guests. "Everyone here – including all employees – lives and breathes this," says Myriam Hecker. Just like a big family.

blue operating concept - M-iClean
Innovative dishwashing operating concept

M-iClean – Blue efficiency with intuitive operating concept