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MEIKO gets challenging job done at Israel's biggest hospital

Chaim Sheba Israel

"The mission for Nyga Chef, MEIKO’s sales agent in Israel, was to maintain the dishwashing service while replacing two machines."

The Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer, also known as Tel HaShomer Hospital, is the largest and most comprehensive medical center in Israel. The mission for Nyga Chef, MEIKO’s sales agent in Israel, was to maintain the dishwashing service while replacing two existing ‘merry go round’ dishwashing machines in a hospital with more than 6,000 health professionals and 1,850 patient beds.

The hospital worked with Systhema Global Foodservice Consultants, one of Israel’s leading foodservice consulting firms and its Design Division Manager, FCSI consultant Ori Lief, to carry out a tender process among the competing supplier manufacturers. The tender emphasized in particular that the dishwashing process should not be interrupted during the changeover – one dishwasher must be active at all times!

A site visit to the Agadata banquet hall in central Israel, which caters for upwards of 1,100 covers at a time, helped persuade the hospital as to the M-iQ’s wash quality and environmental performance.  Working together, Nyga Chef, MEIKO and Systhema, found that the most efficient design combined a 360-degree conveyor ‘merry go round’ system for the tray return, with two MEIKO M-iQ flight machines.

The installation and commissioning was carried out in only four days over a weekend. The process was caught on video and is posted on YouTube:

The two MEIKO machines were designed to support Shabbat operation. One machine features 750 m width, with the other utilizing an extra wide 980 mm belt.

The M-iQ’s flexible design, including a high passing entry height, makes the M-iQ ideal for washing all kinds of hospital dishes, insulated boxes and trays.

Says Dror Nuri, Director of the meal distribution center in Tel HaShomer, “The whole washing area was transformed with the MEIKO installation, becoming much more roomy and much more quiet. “The M-iQ’s heat recycling system has improved the working conditions greatly. The old extraction system was unable to deal with the heat and humidity produced by the previous dishwasher. This problem has now disappeared.”

Adds FCSI consultant Ori Lief, “Based on previous experience I had with Meiko and Nyga Chef, I was not surprised to find out the fast and professional installation and the unique performance of the washing process in the M-iQ machines.”