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Describing itself as a ‘Proudly independent fine wine merchant and home of the Tasting Room wine bar’, Adelaide’s East End Cellars has been a premium wine shop for 20 years.

The ‘passion’ is for the wines of small wine producers, those whose aim is to create great wines of individual character and whose focus is solely on quality over quantity.

A speciality is wines from South Australia. “We have an intimate list showcasing the finest SA wines and a swathe of gems from around the world,” says Michael Andrewartha, who opened the shop in January 1998.

The wine bar features an open-plan kitchen providing seasonal menus and the shop runs regular weekly tastings and ‘flights’ featuring a winery of the week.


The shop and wine bar are situated in Vardon Avenue, part of Adelaide’s characterful old fruit market area, which hosts an exciting mix of food and drink options. Michael Andrewartha’s goal was to create a wine shop with a product range second to none and with a ‘vibe’ like no other. Contributors to this vibe include local events such as a ‘Hot Pants Tasting’ and ‘East End Wine Down’. The shop supplies wine throughout Australia and also ships internationally. Find out more at:

Friday night is always busy as the locals prepare for the weekend. “On a busy night we used to have a line of three staff washing and polishing glasses,” says Andrewartha. “The old machine physically couldn't keep up.

“This M-iClean U machine has certainly paid for itself. The cleanliness of our bar has also been well noticed, not having dirty glasses stacked up waiting to be cleaned; but rather clean glasses waiting to be cooled down. Overall, it's been a great improvement to the look of our business.

“We use Riedel throughout the wine bar and shop and we've noticed the RO system gives us a seamless, sparkling finish without hand polishing and I have to admit, our glassware's never been cleaner.

“To answer the question ‘How do the staff like the new machines?’...My staff love me because the new Meiko machine means less work for them.

“I love the machine because it has reduced the number of staff needed.

“We were so impressed with the performance, we bought a second machine for our sister wine bar across the road - and now the staff there love me too.

“I'm still amazed at the look on my new staff's faces when they realize the worst part of the job has now become the best!”

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