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MEIKO eRgOnomics creates a win-win situation

The ergonomically organised dishwashing area in the Studierendenwerk Hamburg increases satisfaction and economic efficiency

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The Studierendenwerk Hamburg is the second largest of 58 student support networks in Germany. Approximately 23,000 people are served every day in 13 canteens, 17 cafes and 6 coffee shops. Michael Gradtke, Manager of University Food Services, is responsible for ensuring that the environment is looked after through the "return a cup" initiative on campus and that the Pizza of the Month has many supporters. He is also responsible, however, for the processes behind the full plates. "Our personnel in one of our dishwashing areas were seriously overloaded. Because our personnel were subject to constant turning motions when sorting the dirty dishes, lifting loads above shoulder height and long motion paths, there was an increase in lost days due to sick leave. At peak times, the employees were really overloaded." Michael Gradtke wanted to and had to change this. As an already satisfied MEIKO customer, he turned to the dishwashing technology specialists and set a precise task: to prevent tray jams on the return conveyors, to create a healthier working environment for his employees and to make the guests satisfied and happy.

"We brought in the expertise of our in-house MEIKO REFA ergonomics specialists for this customer order, and consulted with our process analysts. The result was a completely reorganised dishwashing area: we changed the flow of dishes and installed a machine for this, because there were significant higher expectations in the dish return flow", recalls Michael Mayer, Sales Manager Germany at MEIKO.

"We now have a clear win-win situation," enthuses Michael Gradtke, because: "Productivity has increased, employee satisfaction has increased, paths have been reduced and time saved. These are the ideal framework conditions for the economic efficiency that we strive for. In summary, it is good for the people, and it is good for the company." enthuses Michael Gradtke.

The desired solution provided by MEIKO eRgOnomics. The dishwashing area ergonomically organised by experts is also a winner in the case of food services for everybody in the Studierendenwerk Hamburg: guests, dishwashing personnel and clients. The teams in the dishwashing areas now work with two new MEIKO M-iQ flight type dishwashing machines: one for the dishes, and one for trays and cutlery. Michael Gradtke recalls,

"We didn't just simply want a dishwashing machine. They are also available from other companies. We wanted kitchen organisation – and that is exactly what MEIKO delivered!"

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There is no need to even tap the hood with our automatic rack detection. Just insert the rack from the side and let the dishwashing machine do the rest.