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Ergonomics is the focus in the kitchen of the DATEV works canteen

The WasteStar food waste treatment system from MEIKO ensures ergonomically optimised work sequences in the dishwashing area

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"The latest technology that MEIKO has to offer is installed here in our company"

Most Germans know DATEV eG through to its payroll accounting service: the green square on the monthly payslip from the employer's payroll office represents an important service from one of the most important IT companies for the SME sector, for tax consultants, accountants and lawyers. DATEV eG is one of the largest IT service providers and software houses in Germany, and provides highly-specialised business software. More than 7,000 employees work in the company – most of them at the original location of Nuremberg, where the company has several addresses.

The DATEV eG company catering facility is also located here. Around 1,500 meals are served here every day to employees and guests. Rudolf Mann manages the company canteen, and not only watches over perfectly functioning and hygienic processes, but also over almost the entire product portfolio for communal catering from MEIKO at the same time:
Dishwashing lines, utensil washers, tray system washers, conveyor systems and food waste disposal. "The latest technology that MEIKO has to offer is installed here in our company", explains Rudolf Mann.

Together with the experts from MEIKO, Rudolf Mann placed particular focus on the subject of ergonomics: "We wanted to minimise the physical effort involved for our colleagues in the washing area as much as possible. The integration of the WasteStar for food waste disposal from MEIKO made a considerable contribution here: "The motion sequences of our employees is now completely different. Thanks to the WasteStar, which includes food waste in the workflow, the people who operate the machine no longer need to turn through 180 degrees. Our employees can now load dishes into the dishwasher much more quickly and easily. That is exactly what we set out to achieve." explains Rudolf Mann.

Volker Suhm, Regional Manager at MEIKO, has learned the following: "For many of our customers, economic efficiency is the decisive factor. This is supplemented by the subject of hygiene, and ergonomics is becoming increasingly important. We are following this change in the market at MEIKO. Our answer to this is MEIKO eRgOnomics. This is ergonomically organised dishwashing, which is based on a study that we developed as a guide and which helps us to satisfy the needs of our customers." 

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There is no need to even tap the hood with our automatic rack detection. Just insert the rack from the side and let the dishwashing machine do the rest.