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Full steam ahead with MEIKO bakery warewashers

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The Wikingerbäcker shop has set the course for success. In almost all branches, coffee lovers enjoy culinary delights among friends. "Whenever new branches come to the region or existing ones are converted, we will always integrate a new coffee concept", reveals Sales Manager René Stein, "that's a baker's future". We have locations at which catering accounts for up to 45%, and the trend is increasing."

The Auricher Wikingerbäcker is prepared to meet this trend in terms of kitchen and warewashing technology: In the Wikingerbäcker branches, a total of 38 warewashing machines – including 18 hood-type dishwashers with heat recovery function (DV 80.2) and 20 undercounter dishwashing machines - ensure crystal clear and hygienically-safe cleaning results. The first hood type warewashing machine was installed seven years ago, 17 more followed.

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Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

"The branch cafés continue to grow in size, and so the capacity of a small machine is no longer enough to cope with the volume of dirty dishes", explains René Stein.

"With the hood type warewashing machine, the wash ware is sorted into the baskets, pushed through, clean. It's easy, within four minutes, the cleaned dishes can be served back to the customer". Cutlery, coffee cups, latte macciato glasses containing milk residues - all items leave the machine in a perfect condition. Everything works great. We are very happy with the Meiko machines. We made very good decisions."

Stand-alone counters, checkouts in supermarkets, shops on camp sites, as well as branches with small cafe´s in city centres – within a 50-kilometre radius of Aurich to the East Frisian North Sea coast - the Wikingerbäcker company is conquering new terrain. Some 45 branches – 32 of which offer a culinary service – sell high-quality bakery products.