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Confectionery Gmeiner relies on quality and sustainability in all areas

Gmeiner bakery and confectionery

If you walk with Volker Gmeiner through his production facility you will experience someone who is both a craftsman and an entrepreneur - as well as a bit of an artist, magician, a lover of all things material, an embodiment of his profession. Everything looks tip top. Work is done under the strictest hygienic conditions, the cleaning and washing team are "his people".

Volker Gmeiner has a few thoughts about not wanting to outsource this important part of the operation: "We simply want to rely on ourselves, we want the same people, who know what needs to be done, to be here every day!" For Volker Gmeiner, reliability also plays a key role when it comes to warewashing technology. Anyone who offers exquisite cakes, tarts, pastries and a lunch menu in renowned cafés will not tolerate either scale under the edge of the plate or water spots on the glass. That's why all his shops and the production facility too are equipped washing technology from MEIKO.

Volker Gmeiner is a long way off operating a mass business. But neither does he want to interpret the trend towards more taste and quality as a niche: "In the last 15 years, there has been a clear development towards the consumer being much more mature – the consequence being that is well informed and knows what he wants." Volker Gmeiner knows what he has to offer here: the things close to his heart. Including regional, top quality ingredients, traditional recipes and plenty of craftsmanship. And innovation is not, in any way, left by the wayside. The best testimony to this is again an accolade : The "Gambero Rosso" magazine ranks Gmeiner among the best chocolate confectioners in Europe! Volker Gmeiner sees all these awards and being responsible for more than 200 people his duty.