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    Study shows MEIKO ranks among Germany's most sought-after employers

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    The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (F.A.Z.) reports what has been known about MEIKO for a long time: "Model employers are by no means a given in today's world and employees currently expect more than just a good salary. Young employees in particular greatly value self-determined work, an open corporate culture, appreciation and meaningful content. Employee well-being at MEIKO has always been firmly anchored in the corporate culture, because MEIKO belongs to a Value driven corporate foundation.

    The hygiene expert is known for its secure jobs and above-average social benefits – in Offenburg as well as in branches around the world. The solid reputation of the company is thus not a product of chance, but the result of a culture that has been embraced for over 90 years. "Employees are the gold of a company – and not only in times when there is a shortage of skilled workers," says MEIKO Group CEO Dr.-Ing. Stefan Scheringer. This is now underlined by a study by the F.A.Z., which countsMEIKOas one of themGermany's most sought-after employers.

    Work on the study was assisted by Dr Werner Sarges, a consulting psychologist at the Institute for Management Diagnostics in Barnitz. In collecting the data, the researchers used the 'social-listening' method and observed the online communication of all users across the 5,000 largest German companies. Comments were collected from Twitter, Facebook, rating portals, blogs, forums and the like. 15 million statements were collected in this way – a huge dataset that was analysed using self-learning systems. The evaluation was carried out under five aspects called reputation factors:

    • Employer performance
    • Management performance
    • Economic performance
    • Performance of products and services
    • Performance in sustainability

    These categories influence how a company is perceived as an employer, with employer performance being the most rated (50%). The results show MEIKO is among the top 500 companies in the work world and placed 7th in the mechanical engineering industry. This outcome is a superb confirmation of the 91-year-old company philosophy and the conviction that the employer should always go the extra step when it comes to company employees. Many thanks to all employees for their support.