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    Internorga 2020

    The international trade show for food service, hotels, bakeries and pastry shops

    From 13th to 17th March, up to 100,000 visitors will make their way through the show at Hamburg Messe. On the hunt for current food, equipment and technology trends? Here is the place to answer of all your questions! But where do you start in 100,000 m² of exhibition space? Let us direct you.

    Same old? Almost. The international trade show for food service, hotels, bakeries and pastry shops has maintained all seven of its exhibition zones and its events, and it has added more. What can you look forward to? What new kitchen tech should you know about? Why should you visit MEIKO's trade show stand? And what is going on with ‘goth lattes’? Find out here...

    The mantra is still: sustainable and healthy...

    Retail catering continues to exert a growing influence on the out-of-home market. Eating sustainably, healthily and at a good price – consumers expect a wide range of high-quality food to be available on the go. They are open to new flavours and like to try unfamiliar foods and food-service concepts.

    Meet consumer expectations of sustainability and nothing stands in the way of your success. Find new inspiration for your food service company at Internorga!

    Exhibition postponed ...


    And now what? Just ask all your questions online. We will be happy to advise you on dishwashing technology and food waste management.

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    A tip for your trade show visit ...

    Download the Internorga app on your phone before you come to the trade show. The benefits:
    - The information on the app is always up to date.
    - You can save exhibitors and events as favourites so you can find them quickly next time you look.
    - Look at extra information about all exhibitors, products and the overall programme.
    - View location with interactive ‘where am I?’ hall map 
    - And much more

    Sustainable: wash rather than throw away

    Reusable cups have been used in MEIKO dishwashers since 2006, a solution to avoid disposable plastic dishes. Thanks to caterers, event managers and bakers who use the sustainable washing solution for reusable cups from MEIKO. Festival-goers, stadium visitors and coffee to go drinkers are increasingly enjoying their drinks from washed reusable cups. This is good for the environment!

    The video shows how such a hard cup, i.e. a reusable cup made of hard plastic, gets from the beverage trolley to the festival visitor and back to the caterer. And visitors to the Internorga can experience live how wonderfully ergonomics and sustainability go together and how dry the dishes are after the washing process with the M-iClean H hood-type dishwasher at the MEIKO stand.

    Butterfly dishwashing paradise
    ErgonomicsComfort package

    There is no need to even tap the hood with our automatic rack detection. Just insert the rack from the side and let the dishwashing machine do the rest.

    Sustainable: wash don't carry

    For many food service managers, filtered tap water in a fashionable carafe or bottle just has to be on the menu these days. Water bottles do not have to travel or be loaded or carried or stored and fetched. MEIKO has developed a highly efficient solution for cleaning carafes and water bottles in the M-iClean U undercounter dishwashing machine. It has never been so easy to clean bottles! Come and see for yourself at the MEIKO stand, no. 315 in hall A4.

    Sustainable: recycle don't waste

    MEIKO GREEN Waste Solutions demonstrates how to make energy from eggshells. Visitors to the trade show can experience live how food waste and wet waste can be handled economically and hygienically before new energy is generated from it. It works in a tapas bar, on a cruise ship or in a dark kitchen – wherever food is prepared, there is waste. Plus the leftovers from diners' plates. That all adds up to millions of tonnes of food waste every year. Find out how food waste managers can turn potato peel into power and save money at MEIKO's ‘Green Island’ in hall 3, 3B52.

    Activate! Don't crash now

    After a hectic day at the trade show and absorbing all that information, it is time for a break. Have a seat, have a breather, have a coffee – but not just any old coffee. Order a coffee with both a kick and health benefits: a ‘goth latte.’ This latte macchiato contains activated carbon which binds to toxins and bacteria in your body – your second wind starts here – and the caffeine will carry you all the way to Hamburg's night life.