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    Fire Department Bobingen

    TopClean M enables mask stocks to be cut by 10-15%

    Fire department Bobingen TopClean

    Two fortunate events coincided for Stefan Arnold in recent years. The Bobingen Volunteer Fire Department moved into a functional yet superbly eye-catching new building in 2013, and shortly before that Arnold had visited an information session run by the company Dräger.

    The result of these two events was the acquisition of a TopClean M washer-disinfector, which Arnold had seen at the Dräger event. Thanks to the new machine, Arnold no longer has the hassle of cleaning breathing apparatus equipment with disinfectant in a dip tank in the BA cleaning room.. "Obviously you need some preparation time to seal the various connections before you put the BA sets in the machine, but it's definitely worth the few minutes it takes to put a screw cap on the pressure regulator, insert a metal pin in the medium pressure line, and seal the tubes of the pressure gauge with a small plug."

    "But with the TopClean M we get perfectly clean equipment in next to no time without any health and safety worries," says BA equipment manager Arnold. And it turned out that wasn't the only benefit: "Using the TopClean M has allowed us to reduce our stock of masks by between 10 and 15 percent because they’re back on the rack and ready for use so quickly!"