The clean solution

    Uncompromising hygiene standards

    MEIKO keeps kitchens and utility rooms hygienically clean in communal living facilities

    The Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus is an institutional care facility in the Bohlsbach area of Offenburg. It is run by the non-profit Paul-Gerhardt-Werk. e.V., which was founded 70 years ago and now works in partnership with its fully-owned subsidiary, Diakonie Mittelbaden GmbH. Though it emphasises efficiency in meeting diverse and complex needs, the organisation firmly believes in taking a respectful and caring approach to patients, coupled with steadfast professionalism and reliable hygiene provided by MEIKO.

    Institutional care with all the comforts of home

    Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus was renovated in 2019. Its housekeeping services are managed by Edith Grund, who also acts as the coordinator of the communal living facilities. Edith and her colleagues inject a familiar routine into the residents' lives: “We bake together, and the residents who are able to also help us prepare breakfasts and evening meals,” she says.

    A M-iClean U professional dishwashing machine makes life easier in the kitchen

    Residents are also given the option of helping out in the kitchen once meals are over. In the kitchens that form part of the communal living facilities, this includes emptying the dishwasher. "Professional standards of hygiene are a top priority for us," says Grund, indicating one of the new M-iClean U dishwashers from MEIKO. The racks can be pulled out on rails at hip height, making the machine particularly comfortable to use. This design is favoured by both MEIKO service technicians and the in-house technicians at Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus, and the staff and residents love the fact that they don't have to bend down to use it! Today, the group have stacked racks of freshly washed dishes on a stainless steel trolley, which can then be unloaded ergonomically.

    MEIKO TOPIC appliances clean and disinfect care utensils

    Traditional care services continue to lie at the heart of nursing homes, though the motto of the Paul-Gerhardt-Werk in its 70th anniversary year reminds us that care alone is not enough. Hygiene plays an increasingly important role, especially during a pandemic. And there's no doubt it's a top priority when it comes to disposing of human waste, says Wladimir Maier, head nurse at Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus: "Our quality management team has compiled clear care standards – and we have no trouble meeting them thanks to our cleaning and disinfection technology from MEIKO." The team in Bohlsbach is confident that their care utensils will always come out perfectly clean, in part because maintenance of the machines is always carried out at the prescribed intervals. Staff even use the MEIKO TOPIC appliances to ensure wash bowls are reliably cleaned and disinfected. Their motto is that if you want to clean and disinfect things using a reliable process, then you may as well do it properly! As Dietrich Bonhoeffer himself said: "There are some things for which it is worth taking an uncompromising stand."