The clean solution

    Winsbury UK shakes up milk market with new bottle wash system

    To boost its sustainability and save labour, Winsbury Dairy in Chirbury, near Montgomery chose a MEIKO bottle washing system.

    Before MEIKO, explains Winsbury’s Ellie Beavan, the dairy spent ‘hours and hours’ double handling returned milk bottles; pre-washing and rinsing in a sink before a second wash in a small glass washer.

    Winsbury uses a gentle slow pasteurizing process which it says, retains more calcium and other nutrients.

    Ellie is passionate about the nutritional benefits of Winsbury milk. 

    “We have had really great service, fantastic product and reliability from MEIKO,” says Ellie. “The bottle wash system has made life a lot easier!”

    Farms choosing Meiko equipment can be assured that the washing results provide the highest level of hygiene, tested to DIN 10534. Meiko dishwashers deliver a high temperature wash and rinse to inactivate bacteria such as E-coli 0157 which is responsible for many instances of food poisoning.

    The MEIKO system uses separate, sealed channels to first send wash fluid into the bottle, then separately, rinse aid. Specially designed nozzles spray the chemicals directly into the bottles, along with water, guaranteeing that the full power of the jet enters the bottle – ensuring that everything is hygienically cleaned.