The clean solution

    Draught beer ‘take-out and delivery’ scheme uses returnable, re-usable bottles and barrels

    The Loose Cannon Brewery, Abingdon, prides itself on sustainability and it has launched a ‘DRAUGHT TAKE OUT’ scheme offering beers in re-usable returnable bottles and barrels. “As fresh as you can get,” says Loose Cannon. “Our reusable bottles and members barrels help reduce waste and impact on theenvironment.”

    Will Laithwaite, Founder of Loose Cannon Brewery explains:

    “Our sustainability ethos is to do as much as we can to help the environment. We have electric vans for local delivery, all our electricity is from sustainable sources, and we use as much recyclable/reusable packaging as possible.

    MEIKO Bottle Washer System

    • Use MEIKO M-iClean UM GiO dishwashers as bottle washers, simply by replacing the bottom wash arm with the BOTTLE WASH ADAPTER.
    • MEIKO machines have a theoretical capacity of 640 bottles per hour (competitor 480) and each Meiko rack can hold up to 16 bottles (competitor 8), so the MEIKO system is much more productive.
    • the MEIKO Bottle Washer takes bottles up to 114mm wide (competitor 100mm) and up to 370mm tall.
    • Can even be retrofitted for all M-iClean UM and UM+ GiO undercounter dishwashers from 2009.
    • Provides the highest level of hygiene, tested to DIN 10534.
    • Inactivates bacteria such as E-coli 0157.

    “We partnered with MEIKO to launch the re-usable bottle scheme; instead of using single-use bottles, we can now take the bottles back and clean them and we are currently on course to wash about 30,000 bottles this year.

    “The great thing about the MEIKO bottle washing solution is that it is scaleable; as we grow, we can add another MEIKO.

    “Wash times are short, and the machine provides a flawless clean every time. We could not ask for a better job. During the day we can wash bottles, and in the evening, we can use the dishwash machine to clean glasses and plates from our Tap Room Bar.

    “It is super hygienic, and everything comes out sparkling – you do not need to polish anything. It’s just changed the way we do things.”

    Bottled beers include lager and craft beers, in one litre screw caps.

    The Draught Take Out is available by joining Loose Cannon’s members club. Find out more at: 

    “Undercounter dishwash solutions such as the MEIKO M-iClean Bottle Washing System are surprisingly powerful,” says MEIKO UK Marketing Manager Mark Roberts.

    “Washing 16 bottles at a time, a single MEIKO Bottle Wash System can handle thousands of bottles per week. The Loose Cannon brewery just needs to wash eight baskets of bottles per working day (261 days) to smash the 30,000 bottles washed target.

    “It might be an undercounter machine but with the addition of MEIKO’S bottle washing technology, a small bar dishwasher becomes a high output bottle wash system.”