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    Vattenfall, Hamburg

    Further efficiency improvements in energy, detergent and water consumption at Vattenfall

    Vattenfall Energy Hamburg

    Sparkling results thanks to the M-iQ dishwashing machine

    The energy company Vattenfall has won acclaim for its in-house canteen operations, which are run by the facility management company ISS VSG GmbH. Plenty of dirty dishware is produced in this process – but sparkling results are guaranteed thanks to an innovative M-iQ dishwashing machine with cutting-edge GreenEye-Technology® from MEIKO.

    The new generation of M-iQ machines with GreenEye-Technology® gives the green light to further efficiency improvements in energy, detergent and water consumption. This innovative technology actively detects gaps between rows of washware on the conveyor belt. It responds by only activating the wash and rinse function for specific sections of the belt where dishware has been detected. Green lights are used to indicate which belt or line should be loaded with the next batch of dishware. "This technology offers us the potential to achieve additional double-digit savings," says B. Böttel, regional manager of Facility ISS Hamburg, highlighting the benefits of GreenEye

    The new M-iQ machine is a similar size to the previous dishwasher and uses the same loading system, so the basic configuration of the dishwashing operations hasn't changed. "The only thing that's different is the sorting process," says Böttel. "The plates are placed on the belt one behind the other instead of next to each other. The team that operates the machine had no problem adapting to that. The M-iQ with GreenEye-Technology® really is the ultimate in dishwashing excellence."

    M-iQ GreenEye-Technology®
    M-iQ GreenEye technology – the future of dishwashing

    M-iQ GreenEye technology® – the future of dishwashing