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M-iClean H - The Harley under the hood type dishwashing machines!

M-iClean H at butchery Krautter

What does the M-iClean H of MEIKO have in common with a Harley Davidson? The stainless steel piping of both machines quickens the heart of Mark Krämer. The general manager of the Krautter butcher's shop in Vaihingen an der Enz is passionate about motorcycling – and got tired of how fast the fuel and oil hoses reached the end of their lives. He got both of those sheathed with stainless steel on his motorcycle. The businessman had a déjà-vu when he put the latest generation of the hood type dishwashing machine from MEIKO, a M-iClean H, into operation in the dishwashing area of his butcher's shop: stainless steel piping.

"This gives us the assurance that at least this part of the machine will have a long life span," says the boss, based on his experience.

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"In six months, we cook for around 15,000 people," says Mark Krämer. But the motorists from Zuffenhausen and Untertürkheim are not alone – Students, private persons, winegrowers' cooperatives, companies, the "birthday kids" in the care home, and the guests in the butcher's shop at the entrance to the pedestrian zone of Vaihingen: all smack their lips when Mark Krämer and his team serve the delights produced by the family enterprise. Nikolette Boorbas has been figuratively smacking her lips since she got the M-iClean H in the Krautter butcher's shop under her command. The work is done quickly, the machine only needs around a minute for a wash cycle, the steam is largely retained, and the struggling with the hood handle has finally come to an end: "I don't want to be without it anymore," answers Nikolette Boorbas when she is asked how she likes the M-iClean H.

The automatic hood opening function also greatly appeals to Mark Krämer and his wife Christiane, whose parents founded the butcher's shop in the 1950s. "The hood handle on the old machine has broken off in the past, because it was so frequently pressed more heavily on one side when the hood was opened," reports Mark Krämer. This "one-sidedness" when the hood is opened also has not bypassed the attention of the engineers at MEIKO. They then ensured that the control panel for the new machine generation is not on the front, but instead on the side of the machine. Because that is where the operators spend most of their time. In the worst-case scenarios, the old models were frequently just opened with one hand in passing – which makes a mockery out of any ergonomics. "We see the automatic hood system as significant plus in the day-to-day work," says Christiane Krämer, CEO, and adds: "It is simply a good idea."

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There is no need to even tap the hood with our automatic rack detection. Just insert the rack from the side and let the dishwashing machine do the rest.