The clean solution

    MEIKO undercounter dishwasher with heat recovery system

    Top-class washing environment at JUDO bakery

    Harmony between coffee and bread with special attention paid to ingredients

    Coffee&bread JUDO in Matsudo-City, Chiba serve exceptional bread and coffee, baking around 30 to 40 types of bread every day, with special attention paid to ingredients. The attraction of JUDO is that home-roasted coffee is selected to match the bread, so customers can enjoy a range of combinations.
    “If our coffee and bread can bring just a little happiness to our customers, then we are happy. “ (Sayuri Kawahara, owner-chef).

    Wondering about the right dishwasher for a bakery

    Dishwashers wash with hot water, so when you open the door after washing, steam always comes out. Wouldn't this raise the humidity in the kitchen, making the flour absorb more moisture? Wouldn't it make the kitchen humid? Worries such as these occur when a bakery brings in a dishwasher, and these concerns were shared by Chef Kawahara. However, there is never enough manpower, so she started to look for a dishwasher. I want to wash up 600 x 400 mm baking trays. However, kitchen space is also limited, so I want a dishwasher with as compact a size as possible. I had trouble finding a dishwasher that can cater for the apparent contradiction of large capacity and compact size. So, half resigned to this, I thought I'd have to keep on with the handwashing. Then MEIKO appeared.

    Heat recovery system "Comfort Air" that handles the needs of a bakery that uses flour

    The dishwasher that JUDO picked from several was the M-iClean UL ComfortAir “Cassimo Package.”  The heat recovery function ”ComfortAir” included as standard in the Cassimo package greatly reduces the amount of steam emitted after washing, removing worries about the humidity in the kitchen. And with an internal capacity that can also handle baking trays, even though it is compact, it has plenty of cleaning performance. She says that after introducing the M-iClean ULComfortAir ”Cassimo Package“, she's been proved wrong, in a good way.

    “Even though it's this small it has a large interior, and I was surprised that it really could wash 600 x 400 mm baking trays.  Then, my biggest worry, steam emission was much lower than I had expected, due to the heat recovery system. When proving dough, I adjust the kneading temperature to match the temperature and humidity of the day, so this is really welcome in a bakery that uses flour where we start humidity management every day as soon as we turn on the kitchen.” (Kawahara, owner)

    Punkt2 AirConcept M-iQ
    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

    Gives room to breathe, mentally and physically

    Up to now, dishwashing used to take 1 to 1.5 hours every day, but now that time has almost been eliminated, and I've succeeded in getting 20 minutes more precious preparation time in the morning. Over one month, this means I've gained a whole day, so I've managed to substantially reduce my mental and physical burden. I can use it to help me devote my limited time to important jobs, and the washware is finished cleanly and hygienically, so my hygiene security is also increased.

    “I thought that in a shop like ours run by a couple, we couldn't be extravagant, and we'd always have to work a little harder. Maybe there are lots of shops working hard just like that. But by introducing the M-iClean UL ComfortAir “Cassimo Package”, we can concentrate more on our breadmaking. At JUDO, it's become a valuable employee that does the work of one person. It's a top partner that we can't let go. ” (Kawahara, owner)

    coffee&bread JUDO
    28-3 Nijusseikigaoka Nashimotocho, Matsudo-shi Chiba 271-0083