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The clean solution

Intelligent commercial dishwashers has a name – MEIKO

When it comes to getting dirty dishware perfectly clean, experts recommend MEIKO commercial dishwashers

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Commercial dishwashing technology involves a whole lot more than just washing dirty dishes. Everyone has their own specific requirements when it comes to commercial dishwashers, and what makes MEIKO so special is its ability to come up with the right technological solutions to meet all those different needs.

From undercounter dishwashers, pass through commercial dishwashers, and universal warewashers to flight and rack type dishwashing machines and trolley washers, MEIKO specialises in each and every aspect of creating clean solutions. Sparkling clean plates, beautifully clean cutlery, and crystal clear, perfectly dry glasses that don't need to be polished by hand – those are the real tests of outstanding commercial dishwashing technology!