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WasteStarCC food waste management

For spotlessly cleared tables

The clean solution if you want to efficiently collect and dispose of food waste in an environmentally friendly way while still maximising hygiene.
WasteStar CC kitchen

How does the WasteStarCC food waste management system work?

Organic kitchen waste
Dispose of vegetbale waste WasteStar CC
Organic leftovers
WasteStar CC Bread
Mussels and crustacean shells
WasteStar CC oysters
Bones and much more
Dispose of bones WasteStar CC

Whatever your guests leave behind, WasteStar CC® will deal with it to the highest standard – no exceptions. Even bones, mussels and crustacean shells down to a particle size of 80 mm are cleared away. The crushed residues are transported to the connected collection container as bio-substrate. Clean for people, good for the environment.

WasteStar effortlessly deals with any situation.

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Hygiene is essential in the kitchen

Even more so in hospitals and care establishments. Our food waste management system is easy to use and compact, meaning it can be cleverly integrated into your work flows.

The Swiss Environmental Arena produces biogas with WasteStar CC
Umwelt Arena Switzerland produces biogas with WasteStar CC

Turning your food waste into biogas

These days, we are all called to minimise our use of resources and avoid as much food waste as possible. Sometimes that's not possible. Then we collect and use food waste sustainably.

Once the food waste has been hygienically collected, it can be converted into biogas and then electricity. That means some of the energy used in producing the food can be recovered.

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Head Chef counts on WasteStar CC
Head Chef counts on WasteStar CC
Food waste disposal Umweltarena
Awards & prizes
5 star quality in all categories: atmosphere, service and warewashing.

We don't like to boast. So we'd rather let others review and assess our technology. Speaking of which, we have a long list of prizes and awards. Why not have a look for yourself? We'll be off to develop, tinker and improve some more. See you at the next awards ceremony!

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