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The clean solution

M-iQ Unlimited crate washer

No limits – strong, flexible, from mini to maxi: This is how the new M-iQ Unlimited crate washer cleans. Manual cleaning with the steam jet, wet work areas and wet racks are now things of the past.
MEIKO - The clean solution
Energy management M-iQ
Efficiently maintain the heat energy in the dishwashing process

Efficiently maintain the heat energy in the washing process

M-iQ self-cleaning
Self-cleaning commercial dishwashing system - M-iQ hygienic results

At the end of the washing operation the M-iQ cleans itself using the existing tank water. Only the parts which are blue have to be manually cleaned.

The crate washer from the M-iQ series has no limits. Otherwise time-consuming washing of racks and crates can be rapidly and economically performed. Exactly what the professional requires, all based on solid and reliable technology. Up to now, cleaning has often been performed manually with a steam jet. The result: dripping wet work areas and stacked wet, damp racks that took hours to dry. With the MEIKO M-iQ Unlimited crate washer all this becomes a thing of the past.

However, there is a catch: the catch that secures every rack - large or small - in the links of the conveying chain during transport. What does this mean for you? No jolting, no slipping – the smooth transport of washware of all kinds. In contrast to conventional conveyor belts, water can penetrate all parts of the MEIKO chain, which this pays off during cleaning: The powerful water jets catch even the most stubborn dirt in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Crates and racks - everything cleaned and dried quickly.

We would not be MEIKO, if we did not prioritise the minimised use of resources. The M-iQ Unlimited crate washer means not only maximum cleanliness but also minimum consumption – for the environment and your own wallet. We describe this washing without limits for endless washing comfort.


Technical data M-iQ Unlimited

max. rack performance * (600 x 400 mm baskets)260 baskets/h350 baskets/h550 baskets/h670 baskets/h
Final rinse water volume230 l/h210 l/h250 l/h260 l/h
Technical data
Electricity consumption (average)34 kW33 kW44 kW51 kW
Machine length3,700 mm5,300 mm6,700 mm8,100 mm

For transport racks of sizes 500 x 500 mm and 600 x 400 mm. *required drying result influences the rack capacity **depends on machine capacity