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Bachelor of Science (m/f) – Applied Computer Science

Programmed for Success

It's impossible to imagine the modern world without information technology. Absolutely everything around us depends on the digital flow of data. MEIKO needs specialists who are capable of creating new communication solutions using the most innovative hardware and software. Computer scientists are the experts that help us find new pathways through our digital world. And with our dual learning system you can be sure of staying up-to-date with both the theoretical and practical sides of your profession.

What we're looking for:

An inquisitive mind, a knack for logical thinking, problem-solving skills and technical expertise. Our ideal candidate will have good computer skills and be prepared to keep up with the constant new developments in the world of IT. A team player and good communicator who embraces new experiences, you should already have 'A' level-equivalent qualifications or a college diploma and have already completed an internship in the field of IT.

What you can expect to learn on your IT apprenticeship (3 years):

The course alternates between 12 weeks of theory at Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University Karlsruhe followed by 12 weeks of in-service training at MEIKO:

  • Multimedia technology
  • Internet technology
  • Software development
  • ERP
  • Databases and networks
  • CMS
Computer science trainer

Hi, I'm Daniel Hund. I'm the person to contact if you're interested in an IT apprenticeship at MEIKO. The world of IT is fascinating but can also be frustrating: no other profession experiences as many changes and major upheavals as this one! Of course as IT specialists we're used to coping with change – in fact we absolutely relish it! Staying on the ball, delving into new areas and helping to shape the changes around us are some of the key characteristics of our work. And of course traditional values play an important role too, because change requires structure and properly defined rules. It's all about having the confidence to maintain a balance. If you can do that, then welcome to MEIKO!

Daniel Hund,
Computer science trainer

Where do I go from here?

Once you finish your studies you can join MEIKO as an IT specialist. You'll get to work on your own projects and enjoy great opportunities for personal and professional growth.


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