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Upstairs, then downstairs for the new MEIKO rack dishwasher

A new rack transport dishwasher for the RAC Club

A new rack dishwasher will usually enter the premises of a fine London establishment using the tradesman’s entrance at the rear of the building. But the new MEIKO rack transport dishwasher came via the front entrance, like an honoured guest! “This was the only way to get the dishwasher into the building. The door is more usually removed to allow access for cars to display in the foyer,” says Mike Bridger, Project Sales Manager for HCE Foodservice Equipment. Bridger designed and specified new kitchen facilities for the Club, including new production kitchen, storage, refrigeration and dishwash areas. “The MEIKO (dishwashing) machine came through the front door and then down 19 steep steps into the basement area,” continues Bridger.

“The Club can serve 10,000 meals in a week and features six kitchens over five floors and is well served by MEIKO commercial dishwashers throughout the building.”


The RAC Club’s UPster K-M250 rack transport dishwasher can process 125-190 racks per hour. To maximise the best use of space in the dishwash area, Bridger utilized MEIKO’s 90-degree powered curve, which pushes the washed and cleaned racks along the front of the machine on roller tabling, back towards the operator. The tabling, which doubles as a rack storage unit, easily detaches from the powered curve and wheels away to allow easy access for cleaning. Featuring heat recovery as standard, all UPster rack transport dishwashers use waste heat and steam to pre-heat incoming cold water, reducing demand on the ventilation system and making the kitchen less steamy and a better place to work.

The Pall Mall clubhouse, in the heart of London, contains a unique range of accommodation, dining and sporting facilities, including what is arguably the finest swimming pool in London. Club members have a choice of stunning dining facilities including Pall Mall’s fine dining restaurant, The Great Gallery and the Minstrels Gallery private dining room offering views across the Great Gallery. The brasserie style Brooklands Room combines the traditional feel of the Club, with contemporary service and menus in an Art Deco setting.

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Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency