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    Smooth running for Botanica + Co with MEIKO commercial dishwashers

    Green is the theme for the Bangsar South property development in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which offers "stylish suburban living within a dynamic cityscape".


    A winner of numerous awards for architecture and green building design, Bangsar South is a 60-acre fully integrated residential and commercial enclave which combines thousands of square metres of green space with over 1,800 homes, almost 120 retail lots and an increadible 5 million square foot of office space.

    In the midst of this towering neighbourhood is Botanica + Co, Bangsar South: "A place inspired by the beauty of the botanics, where time stands still, and you can escape to wind down or catch up".

    Botanica features a Deli, two restaurants and a bar. Almost immediately after opening Botanica + Co became the latest 'It' place in the city.

    A second Botanica capitalizing on the unpretentious dining vibe opened on the other side of Bangsar South in 2018.



    The key to the success of the food offer is a chef-inspired kitchen, producing dishes from scratch, using only high-quality ingredients and fresh local produce.

    The food concept is said to be largely Australian-influenced, but it also features a selection of Asian favourites. There is also a pizza section, weekend brunch and meatless Monday menus and the restaurant has now started a home delivery service.

    The interior design matches the high quality of the food. Inside the restaurant are two live planters of large live tress in the middle, which provide the feel of dining in a botanical sanctuary.

    Floor to ceiling glass, drop-bulb lighting and an array of lush greenery capture the feeling of outdoor dining. Complementing the calming. Greenhouse themed interior, is a range of modern furnishings, inspired by the beautiful raw materials and crafts of Malaysia.

    Indoor and outdoor areas together create event spaces for up to 350 standing and 280 seated. The design blends outdoor veranda and patio with the indoors and – to maintain the calm and comfortable atmosphere whatever the heat – there is outdoor air conditioning and the glass ceilings have been tinted to reduce heat by 78%.

    Opened in 2017, Botanica + Co, Bangsar South caters for 400-600 customers daily. Also 'blended' into the restaurant design are the three commercial dishwashers supplied by Meiko Malaysia (Meiko Clean Solutions (SEA) Sdn. Bhd).

    Tucked away in the kitchen area is a workhorse 200-racks per hour rack transport dishwashing machine, which handles the crockery, cutlery and serving dishes.

    Two undercounter glasswashers service the bar area and restaurant space, the machines tucked neatly into stylish workstations.

    Area Executive Chef Chuan Lim of Botanica+Co praised the MEIKO dishwashing machines for their wash quality, hygiene and ease of use and efficiency.

    "The workflow is well organised which ensures good ergonomics and safe working conditions.
    "Since 2017 the machines have proven reliable in operation, they have a long service life, are robust and easy to clean.
    "The glassware turns out sparkling and we do not have to hand polish."

    Area Executive Chef Chuan Lim of Botanica+Co is also impressed with the labour efficiency of the MEIKO professional dishwashing machines. "They are run by just three staff; the ease of use and high throughput meant there was no need to hire dedicated dishwash operatives.

    "The staff load and unload the machines as necessary. The staff are happy with the machines and I am happy with their fast throughput and excellent wash quality."

    Dishwashing machines installed: UPster U500 glasswashers and K200M rack transport machine.

    Botanica & Co Bangsar South is blessed with a soft water supply, so the dishwashers do not need softeners or reverse osmosiswater treatment to produce sparkling results.

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