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How to cut costs and save 90 minutes a day

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"The machine runs smoothly day after day – it's one thing we can rely on!"

A large residential care home in Belgium, Heilig Hart is benefitting from cost improvements of approximately 40% compared to their previous dishwasher.

Explains Chef Hans Callens, WZC Heilig Hart, “Two years ago we took the decision to move our dishwasher to a new building and so the most important issue was the complete organisation. As the MEIKO representative in Belgium, Sabemaf is specialized in providing a complete answer to our needs concerning assortment and handling of the washing up. “We decided to change our supplier from another manufacturer for the benefit of Sabemaf and MEIKO."

“We need to wash every day for around 500 persons and have now installed an M-iQ BXL74 N 33 V8 P8 with a mobile sorting table and a MEIKO FV 250.2 utensil washer for pots and pans.

“With the new machine, which has a conveyor belt width of 740 mm, we can place three plates side by side. This new way of handling our washing up and the bigger capacity of the machine results in 1.5 hours less time spent on the dishwashing; time we can use for other purposes like cleaning.

“Another argument for MEIKO are the savings we make on chemical products, energy and water consumption. As the machine has to work less hours then before and consumes 100L less water, we can save money by it. After two years we are certainly convinced that we made the right decision to work with Sabemaf and MEIKO, as we can rely on the reliability of our machine which now works every day without any problem.”