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    Isrotel King Solomon

    MEIKO flight type dishwashing machine ensures hygienic cleaning

    ISROTEL King Solomon

    “Investing in the latest technology so staff has the best tools to provide excellent food and beverage and controlling better the performance and costs.”

    Recognising the great potential for tourism in an area featuring desert, sea, coral reefs and its close proximity to tourist centers in the Sinai Peninsula and Petra, his vision was to transform Eilat into a world-renowned destination.

    The 418-room Isrotel King Solomon Hotel broke new ground. For the first time a hotel gave guests all their needs under one roof including restaurants, bars, shops, entertainment and a unique hospitality experience.

    Today the Isrotel chain founded by David Lewis operates 17 hotels with 3700 suites and rooms in Israel and nine hotels alone in Eilat on the Red sea Opening 2016 will be the 250-room Isrotel Jerusalem, currently under construction in an upmarket area named the German Colony, originally settled in the late 1800s by ex-patriots from Württemberg. Isrotel Tel Aviv opens in 2017.

    VP Engineering for the Isrotel chain is Elchanan Noy, who has been involved since the beginning. “Six years ago, after using old versions of dishwashers for 20 years, we looked for more efficient machines, more advanced technology, with much lower operation costs of energy, water and labor."

    "While checking the alternatives, we concluded that MEIKO dishwashing machines are one of the best.”

    "The first trial, six years ago, was at King Solomon Hotel. Later on, we decided to change the dishwashing machines in our Sport hotel in Eilat and since then we changed all dishwashers to MEIKO machines in the new Beresheet (Genesis) hotel in the Negev desert and in the Isrotel Royal Beach Tel Aviv.”, he adds.

    “Food and beverage concepts have changed during the last decade, which means more front cooking and less space for the kitchen and dishwashing areas. We had to look for smaller dishwashers, yet still providing high capacity and high performance when cleaning dishes. MEIKO has achieved this. Last but not least, during my visit to MEIKO last year, I found a company which provides a very wide variety of solutions in dishwashing and waste treatment, with a very close attention to the customer's needs and that showed me we made the right decision. Six years ago there was more than one choice of dishwashing brands. However, for Isrotel one very important factor was to make sure that the local supplier provided top-quality long-term support, service and spares. So the main reason for choosing MEIKO and Nyga Chef Company in Israel is the combination of the best we can get from a good product and service. As a growing hotel chain we look forward to a good cooperation in the future.”