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    Kantonspital St. Gallen

    Reduced consumption of energy, water and cleaning chemicals by 33% in the first year

    Hospital St-Gallen

    The purchase of the M-iQ flight type dishwasher was a “unique exercise in cost saving” according to Pierer. In the first year of using the dishwasher alone the hospital reduced consumption of energy, water and cleaning chemicals by a total of about 33 per cent compared to conventional machines, which translates into about EUR 40,000 (CHF 63,000). Pierer adds the additional purchase of a WasteStar vacuum food waste system coupled with the M-iQ as a stroke of luck:

    “This has effectively solved the problem of wet waste disposal.”

    In the first year alone the machine reduced operating costs by CHF 63,000 (approx. EUR 40,000): That works out to about 33 percent less energy, water and cleaning chemicals than the dishwashers previously in use. And the trend continues. Wolfgang Pierer, Head of Food Services at the hospital remarks: “That even exceeds what Meiko promised us in the prospectus and brochures.”

    There are 5,000 employees and 1,000 patients, with some 3600 hot meals prepared daily. There is no difference between the employee meals and patient meals – unless special dietary restrictions are at play.

    The visitors’ area is set apart from the main restaurant. Guests can select the appropriate wine to go with what they have selected from the menu. Personnel wear white gloves and serve meals on fine china and drinks from fine glassware. Wolfgang Pierer observes: “Not only does this provide a great visual effect but it also helps maintain our high standards when it comes to absolute hygiene. Since the Food and Consumer Protection Agency inspectors eat their lunch here, we must be doing something right when it comes to hygiene. We would definitely be in trouble if everything weren’t spotlessly clean.”

    Three years ago, the first M-iQ flight type dishwasher in Switzerland was installed here.