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The M-iClean H Hood-Type Dishwasher makes life easier for Butchers

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"The dishware comes out immaculately clean, almost dry, and the last residues of moisture dissipate on the drying table."

"We have been running an online shop under the domain for the past four years. If you are looking for Black Forest ham on the Internet, you will end up in our shop sooner or later," says Michaela Schaufler with well-deserved pride. After all, as a team of three, she and her employees at the Black-Forest-based butcher's shop succeeded in shipping around 10,000 packages per year even in the first year, while the brick-and-mortar shop was still open. Michaela Schaufler recently invested in a high-tech can sealing machine. The next investment was a brand-new M-iClean H from MEIKO for the wash-up area.Michaela Schaufler is extremely impressed with the machine with the automatic hood system, the retention plate that holds back the steam when the hood opens, the drying table and the stainless steel piping: "My female employee and I operate the dishwashing machine ourselves, and opening the machine with the wraparound bar was quite strenuous in the past. The male colleague in the production department also washes up when necessary, but as he is almost 2 metres tall, it was much easier for him to cope with the manual operation. Us women are happy about all feats of strength that we need not perform!"

Michaela Schaufler also finds it very pleasing that less steam escapes from the M-iClean H: The new drying table developed by MEIKO is of benefit when Michaela Schaufler has a lot of washing up to do after a catering job:

"Now we can clean up in no time. The dishware comes out immaculately clean, almost dry, and the last residues of moisture dissipate on the drying table."

E2 butchery crates fit into the M-iClean H as easily as the large cooking pots and the gigantic meat worms used in production. This makes the latest hood type dishwashing machine developed by MEIKO a perfect match for Michaela Schaufler.

Thanks to the combination of good service ("just a single call, and someone from Service is at your doorstep!") and technology fine-tuned for economic operation, the M-iClean H has become a permanent member of a company whose owner has very clear visions for the future: expanding the online trade and, in spite of the narrow profit margins inherent to canned meat products, to keep having fun with what they do by keeping costs low. "There is still potential for improvement regarding the amount of work that our team can handle. A dishwashing machine like the M-iClean H helps us to rationalize our work and to spend our time on the logistics for our goods instead of with washing up!"