Black Forest Bar Cup 2022 – London Stories –

For the start of this year's Black Forest Bar Cup, we're leaving Germany's mountains and pine forests behind us and heading into the heart of London. But we'll be taking the rich and varied flavours of the Black Forest with us! Ever wondered what pine schnapps tastes like? Or what Zibärtle brandy is made from? Experience it for yourself! Secure one of the 50 coveted spots at this exclusive bar event.

A little piece of the Black Forest in London

Enthusiastic, like-minded bar lovers getting together to have a good time, immerse themselves in the depths of Black Forest flavours, inspire one another – and as a culmination of all that, to create something new. That has been the vision of the Black Forest Bar Cup since its inception. But 2022 is the first time the event organisers will take the concept out past the German borders, heading to the lively bar scene of London to provide and find inspiration, to advance the network and to nurture young talent.

When: Monday, 13 June 2022
Where: Juno Rooms, London


Agenda Points


17:00 until 22:00Taste ForumGuided Tasting of selected Eau de Vie and wine specialities from the Black Forest region throughout the event
18:00 until approx. 19:30Get-together with food and wineFlying snacks, typical for the Black Forest region, and sparkling wine from Baden/ Germany
19:30 until 23:00Cocktail Event with Golden Ticket competition

Live mixing of the following drinks:

  • the winning drinks of former Black Forest Bar Cups
  • the signature cocktails of Willi Shoellmann
  • some unusual Highballs with Eau de Vie

Small on-the-fly competition to create a drink which embodies the Black Forest

Tasting and rating by an expert panel

Awarding the top 3 entrants with a Golden Ticket to the competition final in autumn 2022 in the Black Forest


Win a trip to the land of cuckoo clocks!

The highlight of the gathering will be tastings of fruit brandies and speciality wines, along with other local specialities that make this region of Germany so special. Participants can gather inspiration from all of these fringe events and take it into the small competition to create a drink which embodies their perception of the Black Forest.
An expert panel will award the top 3 entrants a Golden Ticket, sending them straight to the competition final in autumn 2022 in Offenburg, the home of the Cup (includes flights and accommodation).

  • It is free to participate
  • but numbers are limited. After you register, you will receive a separate confirmation with your secured reservation for the event.
  • Participants receive catering and accommodation, as well as access to all of the fringe events, including the tasting sessions, at no cost.
  • Travel to and from the event must be arranged by the participants independently.

This is a competition for anyone who loves bar culture – whether it's shaking cocktails or playfully experimenting with flavours, whether you're an expert mixologist or an up-and-coming talent. The task set before competitors is to make a cocktail containing at least one ingredient from the Black Forest, capturing the culinary spirit of the region. A panel of experts from the bar-and-restaurant world will select the winning creation.

Passionate restaurateur Willi Schöllmann started the Black Forest Bar Cup in 2016 and it has been held annually ever since in Offenburg, Germany. This summer, it is heading to London, too, for the first time.


  • 6 cl Schladerer Gretchen dry gin
  • 3 cl homemade gooseberry oxymel*
  • 1.5 cl Ferdinand's white Riesling vermouth


*Gooseberry oxymel: mix 300 ml red gooseberry juice, 150 ml wildflower honey and 50 ml cloudy apple vinegar in a clean container, seal and store for 2–3 days in a cool, dark place. Pour into a sterilised bottle and store in a cool place.

Then, mix all ingredients in a mixing tumbler and stir thoroughly with ice cubes to chill. Strain into a pre-chilled glass.


  • 3 cl Monkey 47
  • 3 cl Black Forest lime juice**
  • 2.5 cl Schladerer maraschino, sweetened***
  • 0.8 cl FAUDEfeineBRÄNDE pine shoot brandy
  • 6 cl classic mineral water


**Black Forest lime juice: puree 100 ml white verjus with 3 g vitamin C powder and 15 g fresh sorrel leaves. Strain through a sieve or cheesecloth, pour into a clean bottle and store chilled.

**Sweetened maraschino: mix 100 ml Schladerer maraschino with 150 ml sugar syrup (1:1). Pour into a clean bottle and also store chilled.

Then mix all the ingredients except for the mineral water in a shaker and shake vigorously with plenty of ice. Pour the chilled mineral water into a pre-chilled glass and fill up with ice cubes. Strain a double measure of the mixture over the top.


  • 50 ml    Cynar clarified with Black Forest milk
  • 10 ml    Schladerer Kirsch
  • 30 ml    Giffard Framboise de Ronce
  • 25 ml    Acid solution
  • 50 ml    Schweppes soda water


  • 50 ml    Cynar clarified with Black Forest milk (makes approx. 0.95 l)
  • 0.5 l    Cynar
  • 0.1 l    Kirsch
  • 0.1 l    Acid solution

Pour all into 
0.4 l    Milk and clarify.

Acid solution (makes 0.5 l)

  • 470 g    Filtered water
  • 20 g    Citric acid, crystallised
  • 10 g    Malic acid, crystallised

Dissolve dry ingredients in water


Stirred/ice stirrer long drink glass

  • 7 cl Clarified milk with Cynar/Kirsch
  • 3 cl Giffard Framboise de Ronce
  • 2.5 cl Acid solution

Stir// fill up

5 cl Soda water

Garnish: caper berry

What's your take on the flavours of the Black Forest?
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