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MEIKO after-sales service –
refreshingly different, refreshingly thorough

Having the right product is one thing, but it isn’t enough. It needs the backing of excellent service. Then customers know they can always rely on their clean solution.


When you contact the MEIKO service hotlines or the MEIKO spare parts service, you will always find yourself talking to professional experts. They have years of experience with MEIKO products. They know where the sticking points might be – but better than that: they know how to get things moving again.

“Our ideal scenario is that you won't need our help at all!”
Frank Mildenberger, the head of the technical service department, understands that MEIKO technology meets the very highest standards – and he expects the same standards from himself and his hotline team. That's the challenging goal his team accomplishes e

Partner hotline + 49 (0)781 203 - 4444

Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 5 PM
Affordable rates with priority treatment and individual PIN code

Export hotline + 49 (0)781 203 - 4433

Sercice hotline + 49 (0)781 203 - 1120
Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 5 PM

“There's no substitute for good service – but we can provide replacements for just about everything else!”
Sacha Granier,the head of spare parts services, says it's a great feeling to see his motivated team working so hard to make sure that our customers get the right parts as quickly as possible. Everyone involved gets a kick from super-efficient service!

MEIKO after-sales service offers the kind of extra special care and support that makes all the difference. Smooth, all-round service is part and parcel of the MEIKO brand. We do whatever it takes to provide you with premium support, offering comprehensive, all-round solutions that leave nothing to chance.