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The miracle of a simple and efficient commercial pass through dishwasher: M-iClean HM

The commercial pass through dishwasher with the revolutionary automatic hood system

A gentle tap and the hood opens and closes as if by magic. No physical effort required at all – it's like dishwashing paradise! The M-iClean HM hood type dishwasher offers the most comfortable and user-friendly experience ever. And its superb ergonomics go hand in hand with a range of great features that save you time and money. Reduce the time it takes to get your dishwashing done by up to 30 minutes a day and enjoy significantly faster drying times thanks to the drying table with integrated blower – plus it helps cut your staff costs and running costs, too! What's more, the M-iClean HM creates a great atmosphere in the wash-up area by reducing the amount of steam released from the machine by up to 80 percent and – with the PureEnergy package – cutting energy consumption by up to 21 percent.

The M-iClean HM offers outstanding features including:

  • Revolutionary automatic hood
  • Automatic basket detection
  • Flexible display panel at eye height & signal feature
  • Waste water heat recovery
  • 505 mm passing height – perfect for large items of washware
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Drying table with blower
  • Flexible working height (adjustable feet)
  • Four special packages of powerful extra features at a special price

You know you're getting fantastic quality with MEIKO. Things like pipes made from stainless steel instead of plastic for example. But we like to give you even more reassurance. That's why MEIKO offers a 60 month warranty on all the electrical and mechanical components of its automatic hood system. So you feel confident that you're investing in something you can rely on.

Width 635 mm (725 mm with handles)
Depth 750 mm (800 mm with handles)
Height 1520 mm
Total height with hood open 2080 mm
Entry height 505 mm
Basket dimensions 500 x 500 mm
Programme cycles * 60/90/210 s
Theoretical basket capacity 60 / 40 / 17 / h
Pump motor 0.75 kW
Tank capacity 22 l
Final rinse 2.4 l/basket
Tank heating 4.0 kW

* Max. temperature of feed water with AirConcept: 20 °C