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Pass through dishwasher for gastronomy - M-iClean H

Save time and money with our new pass through dishwasher for gastronomy

Dishwashing has never been more ergonomic or economic – operating the new M-iClean H hood type pass through dishwasher for gastronomy is a revolution in workplace comfort and convenience. Dishwashing has never been easier. Just tap the hood lightly and it will open and close softly and silently – lifting and lowering as if by magic. 100% effortless and natural.

The M-iClean H pass through dishwasher for gastronomy is designed for ergonomic use and is much easier to load and unload, putting less strain on the operator's back and muscles and speeding up the whole dishwashing process. We ran real-world tests over several months and our gastronomy customers can confirm that they saved approx. 30 min per day of approx. 120 wash cycles per shift. Up to a million washcycles without a hitch! That means MEIKO is able to offer a five year warranty on our automatic hood system – that's a first. 

M-iClean HM

Mountains of washware just seem to melt away with the M-iClean HM pass through dishwasher – that's how fast and efficiently this ergonomic dishwashing system gets things done! Plus you benefit from an 80% reduction in humidity and up to 21% lower energy consumption. A miracle of simple and efficient dishwashing.

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M-iClean HL

Big plans require powerful technology – so it's time to bring on the M-iClean HL pass through dishwasher! It offers plenty of power to tackle dirty dishware, but a gentle touch when it comes to user-friendly operation and clean eco-friendly credentials. A miracle of simple and efficient dishwashing. That's what dishwashing paradise means to us.

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