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Food waste systems

WasteStar SC

Designed for commercial kitchens, WasteStar SC is a fully automatic vacuum food waste system which collects organic waste directly at its source. That makes it a cost-effective, eco-friendly and resource-efficient solution – and what's more it‘s incredibly easy to use!

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WasteStar CC

Professional food waste disposal means creating a hygienic wash-up area and taking a smarter approach to dealing with a valuable resource. The WasteStar CC is a self-contained food waste system which offers impressive efficiency in a compact format. MEIKO believes in responsible environmental stewardship and the sustainable and efficient use of resources – and the development of the WasteStar CC is the next logical step along the value chain.

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Hygienic and economical food waste pulper and dewatering system for grinding and condensing assorted food waste, leftovers, vegetable waste and peelings.

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