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The biggest and best: a super-sized system for cleaning bedpans

This impressively large combined sluice unit includes a washer-disinfector for cleaning bedpans and a generously sized sink

SAN 29 BW / TopLine 40

At an impressive 2.90 m long, 0.60 m deep and 0.90 m high, this is the real heavyweight among MEIKO combined sluice units! Based on a multi-functional dirty utility room design, this system combines bedpan disinfection and sterilisation with a hygienic slop sink, hand wash basin, and additional large sink unit – plus a large work surface and lots and lots of storage space! What's more, the TopLine 40 washer-disinfector makes it easy for users to choose their preferred A0 setting as per DIN EN ISO 15883. Overall, this SAN unit offers the perfect length and sink dimensions to ensure optimum, ergonomic workflows on any ward. As you would expect, the hygienic slop sink is also made from stainless steel and comes without a flushing rim. Instead, it features two jet nozzles that produce a continuous, spiral-shaped sheet of water optimally designed to rinse away dirt. The spiral-shaped jets of water (the 'whirl effect') keep the slop sink perfectly clean. And the nozzles can easily be replaced by your in-house technician should this ever be necessary.

With plenty of work surface and cupboard storage space, this multi-functional combined sluice unit does an outstanding job of bedpan disinfection and sterilisation.

Width 2900 mm
Depth 600 mm
Height 900 mm
Water connection
Cold water R 1/2"
Hot water 45-60°C R 1/2"
Flow pressure > 1 bar
Water flow > 18 l/min
Water drain
Water drain DN 100
Electrical connection
Standard 400 V, 3N PE, 50 Hz. 4.6 kW
Alternative 230 V, 1N PE, 50 Hz. 2.8 kW
Noise level
Workplace-related emission value LpA 50 dB (A)

Technical modifications reserved.