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Südback 2013

Meeting the statutory hygiene requirements for bakeries requires highly specialised cleaning technology. MEIKO – the Offenburg, Germany-based manufacturer of commercial dishwashers – offers a range of machines that have been specially designed to clean bakery equipment with maximum efficiency.

Thanks to its versatility and cleaning power, the FV 60.2 commercial dishwasher is an excellent addition to any bakery. Despite its seemingly modest size, the machine offers a 600 mm-deep wash chamber and plenty of space for loading, making it the perfect choice for cleaning transport containers, baking trays, café and bistro dishware and display trays.

The slightly smaller FV 40.2 warewasher is designed to clean dishware, glasses, serving dishes and bowls thoroughly and hygienically, ensuring full compliance with the relevant DIN standards. Its built-in reverse osmosis technology eliminates the hassle of having to manually polish glassware, crockery and cutlery after washing – music to the ears of any café owner! The compact GiO reverse osmosis module can be installed beneath, beside or at the rear of the machine – or even placed in a different room if space is tight.

Two of MEIKO's best-selling models in its range of universal warewashers are the FV 130.2 and the FV 250.2. Both machines offer impressive performance, achieving hygienic wash results even with bulky and hard-to-clean kitchen equipment, pots and pans, trays, dishes and transport containers. Everything is at a comfortable, ergonomic height, from the user-friendly hinged and sliding doors to the programme start buttons.

Both the FV 130.2 and the FV 250.2 are generously sized machines – but for larger quantities of washware the latter model offers the extra volume you need to feel confident of getting the job done!