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MEIKO Reference - Europa-Park Rust

MEIKO’s cutting-edge washing technology from the Punkt2 range, a B-Tronic belt-conveyor dishwasher complete with the CSS-Top chemical saving system as well as an example of the latest generation of K-Tronic basket conveyor machines which is also equipped not just with the CSS-Top chemical saving system but also innovative energy management technology capable of energy balances never before possible. 

Armin C. Rosenkranz, the manager of the new hotel and resort, explained the decision to buy the MEIKO products “We always want to offer the best quality to our guests and so we are always searching for the best quality. MEIKO and the Europa-Park along with its hotels are both playing in their industry’s Premier League. We therefore belong together, quite irrespective of the fact that we are good neighbours. Our co-operation proved to be of value as early as the new project’s construction phase.” 

Europa-Park sets standards not only for roller coasters, water slides or wax-works but also in the fields of gastronomy and hotels. It sets the trend for much that happens in this sector. This is more than about portraying what is probably one of the most interesting hotel projects as such but is really about establishing a new dimension - 1400 beds spread over seven floors. The details behind the project beggar description. There are so many of them that they have to be experienced. 

Eating and drinking should be an important feature of the pleasure and leisure-time experience in Europa-Park. The new facilities will play their part in boosting the present €40 million annual food and beverage turnover still further.