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Mega-order for MEIKO

About 4000 staff care for approximately 2000 patients every day in the Vienna General Hospital. The hospital management focussed particularly on the replacement of dish-washers for crockery used by patients. These appliances, which ensure that the necessary standards of hygiene are reached as they are equipped with thermo-disinfection equipment, are amongst the most frequently used equipment in the hospital. And they really have to work hard!

MEIKO and its machines beat the competition in Vienna as they offered excellent hygiene parameters, had the best workmanship and guaranteed a comprehensive service.

The size of the order was no less significant as the Viennese planners insisted that the project was completed within 13 months. This time was necessary to maintain the hygiene security of the meals provided in the hospital. The planners were also firmly convinced that this could only be achieved with machines which combined adherence to the most modern hygiene standards with minimum energy, water and chemical consumption. They were also aware that MEIKO was a world-leader in its innovative programs for the benefit of environmental protection as well as energy and resource conservation.