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Top class warewashing technology once again please: MEIKO

Quick at the task, efficient handling, sustainably in design: warewashing technology from MEIKO

Fast. Faster. Restaurants. Whether it's about customer satisfaction – or being an agenda-setter and picking up every trend: nowhere is the cycle rate higher than in the restaurant industry. This includes the field of warewashing. Opening a new branch tomorrow? Then you need the warewashing technology today. Rush hour for the buffet? There are enough plates available! Service emergency – when there isn't really one... if the outfit for the machine is still right (and everything should be right in a bar) – then a "MEIKO" can gladly be a regular. It looks good. It knows what is right. And it does what has to be done: be there. Function. Be perfect. Fast. Faster. MEIKO.

Overview of references

Dee Why RSL

Dee Why RSL initially bought three machines and were so satisfied with the dishwashers as well as service that they have outfitted MEIKO machines throughout.

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Rockpool Dining Group

Australia’s most renowned chef around the world, Neil Perry shares his experience with using MEIKO as his preferred commercial dishwashing supplier.

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Benugo at Savill Garden

A small conveyor dishwasher was replaced with a double-basket pass-through machine, offering savings on power and water usage without compromising throughput.

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The Grill, Baden-Baden

Sushi is a big part of the menu, and The Grill has an impressive stock of authentic Asian dishware. The M-iClean H gets everything sparkling clean!

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Urban Grub, Craft Brewed, 360 Grad Bistro

These users of the M-iClean undercounter commercial dishwasher would highly recommend the machine to anyone looking to replace their undercounter dishwashers.

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Rive Gauche, Baden-Baden

A place where quality always comes first

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Restaurant Bergsee, Titisee

Superb performance when the going gets tough

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Bowcliffe Hall

Only windows need hand polishing at Bowcliffe Hall – MEIKO dishwashing machines with integrated reverse osmosis GiO modules take care of all the other glass!

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The "Scheck-In" cooking factory, Achern

The maxim is simplicity

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